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Quality Control is so CRITICAL!

Quality Control is so CRITICAL!

shutterstock_96149888Any experienced importer will tell you, the most common problem buying from China is the quality of the products and at times different products are shipped to what was required. When buying from Chinese factories, product quality is by no means a certainty.

Put simply, you need to take quality control into your own hands. If you don’t take specific actions to protect yourself – you are gambling with your money.

Reasons why, Chinese manufactures can ‘screw up’ orders. The reasons and excuses will surprise you:

  • Maybe it’s the first time they actually made this product. Why not? They advertised it and you gave them an order! Right?
  • Or perhaps they have a rejected stock order lying around and they want to palm this off to you. Something that happens more often than you think.
  • We’ve even seen factories make a product and they didn’t know what it was used for. Sounds crazy right? We know of a factory that made Solar chargers, yet none of the chargers worked! No one in the factory thought it mattered because you could just put it out in the sun and hope for the best and that the Solar panels charged the back up batteries.
  • Quite often factories will purposely manipulate the product quality in order to save material costs and improve their own margin. That is, they substitute cheaper materials, or put in small quantities of materials to save them money – at YOUR expense. Factories are very motivated to cheapen their product quality over time.

made-in-china1This is why dealing with manufacturers in a developing country can cause no end of problems. And for all these reasons and so many more quality control is an absolutely essential part of the process if you’re importing from China.

We have developed a team locally and have specified project coordinators which we offer a verification and quality control solutions to suit your budget and requirements. Our project coordinators travel frequently around in all the major provinces in China where specific manufacturing occurs.. They can be on any factory floor within 24 hours. This way, if there are any problems we can find out early and fix them before your goods are shipped!